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Sadhus Of India

March 4th, 2011 No comments

sadhus of india
┬┐Why spiritual INDIA has apropiate ilegitimately our land in Haridwar with phisical violence?

Why some western people still think that India is Gandhi? Why was a western woman Mother Teresa the one who gave a good lesson to all indians of love instead sadhus and ashrams people?Why Haridwar use phisical violence against handicap spanish NGO member to apropiate ilegitimately our land in Kankal Jagjetpur Haridwar? Why european need to make more than 100 days hunger strike in the supose country of angels and spirituality?Why some polititians are looking for their own interest instead of the poors and sufferings brothers?

Exactly. I was about to ask this very question.

India – El Sadu

Hindu Holy Men

January 4th, 2011 No comments

hindu holy men
What’s the name of that movie?

i’m looking for the english title of a documentary
about indian swamiji’s, it’s someting like saint or insane.
it’s about hindu swami (holy men), traditions and customs and the ocasional insanity. can anyone help me pls

Have you tried


Sadhus India

December 25th, 2010 No comments

sadhus india
What makes someone a Sandhu , a Sant or a Sadvi ?

India beats every country hollow while it comes to over production of so called Sadhus etc etc . We are over crowded by those Sadhus who are seen this side or that side of the political parties in India . Do they have ration card? Do they have a Voters ID card ? Do they have Credit Card ? Do they pay EMI for the Apartments they are seen living in comfortably ? What is that labels them the so called Sandhu ETC ETC.
this JJ Singh needs a little bit training on manners . His Yahoo name suggests his insane characteristics.We are watching you as well.
Mr J j Singh stop behaving like a big Dada . Your ICONIC name suggests your ill-doctrinated soul not at peace with this lovely world. cool down and get lost.

bcoz indians are too generous with money when it comes to sadhus
free riders and pests of the society

Sadhus at the Khumb Mela, India

Naga Sadhus

November 26th, 2010 No comments

naga sadhus
how to seat over floating water ( in River )?

i listen about that there are some peoples they can easilly seat over the river bed and travel, it is possible by Yoga? and if yes then what type of Yoga required.
This found in Naga Sadhus community in India.

I believe its flotation-device yoga