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Sadhu Photo

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sadhu photo

Prabhupada’s Wisdom Series: Guru – Shastra – Sadhu

Sadhus India

December 25th, 2010 No comments

sadhus india
What makes someone a Sandhu , a Sant or a Sadvi ?

India beats every country hollow while it comes to over production of so called Sadhus etc etc . We are over crowded by those Sadhus who are seen this side or that side of the political parties in India . Do they have ration card? Do they have a Voters ID card ? Do they have Credit Card ? Do they pay EMI for the Apartments they are seen living in comfortably ? What is that labels them the so called Sandhu ETC ETC.
this JJ Singh needs a little bit training on manners . His Yahoo name suggests his insane characteristics.We are watching you as well.
Mr J j Singh stop behaving like a big Dada . Your ICONIC name suggests your ill-doctrinated soul not at peace with this lovely world. cool down and get lost.

bcoz indians are too generous with money when it comes to sadhus
free riders and pests of the society

Sadhus at the Khumb Mela, India

Wandering With Sadhus

Wandering With Sadhus


In this moving ethnographic portrait of Hindu renouncers-sadhus or ascetics-in northern India and Nepal, Sondra L. Hausner considers a paradox that shapes their lives: while ostensibly defined by their solitary spiritual practice, the stripping away of social commitments, and their break with family and community, renouncers in fact regularly interact with householder society. They form a distinctive, alternative community with its own internal structure, but one that is not located in any single place. Highly mobile and dispersed across the subcontinent, its members are regularly brought together through pilgrimage circuits on festival cycles. Drawing on many years of fieldwork, Hausner presents intimate portraits of individual sadhus as she examines the shared views of space, time, and the body that create the ground for everyday experience. Written with an extraordinary blend of empathy, compassion, and anthropological insight, this study will appeal to scholars, students, and general readers alike. *Author: Hausner, Sondra L. *Series Title: Contemporary Indian Studies *Binding Type: Paperback *Number of Pages: 247 *Publication Date: 2007/12/05 *Language: English *Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.44 x 0.76 inches

Sadhu Smoking

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sadhu smoking

Indian sadhu Smoke-Cannabis

Sadhu Images

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sadhu images
By How many runs India was defeated by this inexperienced New Zealand side?;_ylt=Aq2M1KIA01VazHUs6ubDTALsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100810085339AAy3pta

We lost by an innings. We couldn’t avoid the follow on. Bundled out for less than 100 wagagagagagagaga

Sadhu in Amarnath