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I want the school code of Sadhu Vaswani international school, New Delhi. ?

Your question was:

What is school code of Sadhu Vaswani international school, New Delhi?

Learn some damn grammar.

Life of a Naga Sadhu

When Coltrane Calls Session 1: Fierce

When Coltrane Calls Session 1: Fierce


Personnel: Tisziji Muoz (guitar); John Medeski (piano); Rakalam Bob Moses, Sadhu-Bhav Tony Falco (drums). Audio Mixers: Tisziji Muoz; David J. Sullivan. Recording information: Dorje Drilbu (08/27/2015). Editors: Tisziji Muoz; David J. Sullivan. Photographers: Karen Munoz; Melissa Stanley; George Koller.

Sadhu India

February 16th, 2011 No comments

sadhu india
Do you know the difference B/w ”GURU” and ”PROPHETS”?

if dont,then why not?
you have to know,
We all are sons and daughter of GOD,and with same AIM,
Same One god made all of us,so come in light,
in INDIA,like Aasaram Bapu,Sri sri Ravi shanker,or promoter of religion,and stones gods,and mens called ”Sadhu and Sadhvis ,and OSHO also are all Fake… IF…… they claim they are GURU,or Prophets and Worshipping these people leads you to the Dark,i heard that some people do,
NOW , who are they then?
if they claim you they are god and know god and have power to talk GOD and send your prayers,they are making Fool of you .FOR MONEY,
they are just Vision makers,they are also on same way like us,they die ,we just have to give HONOUR to these people as a Inspiration towards God not worshiping as a God or Guru,and believes in all orders,
So are u thinking all these thinking with you or Not,?
PLEASE step forward to know who is GURU.. do u?

In Japji Guru Nanak says this , ” There are countless people whose claims are false and there are countless Bhagats(true gurus)” One should not just believe these so called gurus. Asa Ram’s name has appeared in crime world.He also misinterprets Gurbani. Guru Arjan sat on hot iron plate but still was thankful to waheguru. That is true guruship. To test them whether they are true guru, just bring a red hot iron rod near them. A man prayed to Lord, because his ship was sinking and Guru Teg Bahadur listened his prayer and the ship reached to the port but to test these fake gurus just put a quintal of weight on them, if they carry it across the river, they might be true Gurus.
Blind is leading blind.
“If a blind man shows directions, only a blind will follow him,
O Nanak, if someone can see, why he will follow him”


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Hindu Sadhu

January 31st, 2011 No comments

hindu sadhu
What are your comments?

Now that priests who commited sexual abuse have been exposed, when are the Muslim Mullahs, Buddhist monks, Mormon elders and Hindu sadhu’s who have molested children and raped women going to be exposed?

aaaahhh No Comment!!

sadhu bela flood condition by pooj hindu panchayt sukkur

Hindu Holy Men

January 4th, 2011 No comments

hindu holy men
What’s the name of that movie?

i’m looking for the english title of a documentary
about indian swamiji’s, it’s someting like saint or insane.
it’s about hindu swami (holy men), traditions and customs and the ocasional insanity. can anyone help me pls

Have you tried


Sadhus India

December 25th, 2010 No comments

sadhus india
What makes someone a Sandhu , a Sant or a Sadvi ?

India beats every country hollow while it comes to over production of so called Sadhus etc etc . We are over crowded by those Sadhus who are seen this side or that side of the political parties in India . Do they have ration card? Do they have a Voters ID card ? Do they have Credit Card ? Do they pay EMI for the Apartments they are seen living in comfortably ? What is that labels them the so called Sandhu ETC ETC.
this JJ Singh needs a little bit training on manners . His Yahoo name suggests his insane characteristics.We are watching you as well.
Mr J j Singh stop behaving like a big Dada . Your ICONIC name suggests your ill-doctrinated soul not at peace with this lovely world. cool down and get lost.

bcoz indians are too generous with money when it comes to sadhus
free riders and pests of the society

Sadhus at the Khumb Mela, India