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Latch Hook & Interlock Dreads Up-Close

Stroops 6' Long Black Rope Dreadlocks

Stroops 6′ Long Black Rope Dreadlocks


The Stroops 6′ Long Black Rope Dreadlocks facilitate a wide variety of toning and strength training exercises. This versatile fitness accessory attaches to Stroops Slastix resistance bands, extending the length and creating a pull apparatus to maximize your workout. Made from high quality materials, and developed by the fitness experts at Stroops, these practical fitness tools make a great addition to any workout gear collection! These dreadlock ropes attach to Stroops Slastix resistance bands Extend the length of Slastix bands with these versatile fitness accessories Creates an apparatus for very effective pull exercises Package is comprised of 4 ropes Ropes are 0.5 inch in diameter Each rope is 6 feet long Facilitates a wide variety of exercises Well suited for rehabilitation applications Made from high quality materials and developed by the fitness experts at Stroops Stroops Slastix resistance band is not included

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