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sadhu chillum
Why do West Indians wear more Gold Jewellrey than the Africans?

For example If you look at West Indian men you notice them with more jewellery on than African men for example gold bangle, chains, hoop earings. But i have also notice this with alot of Indian men in India because Gold is quite common wear in Indian culture for both men & women.

Could this be because all of the East Indian that went to to West Indies as Indentured Labourers in the mid 1800s from India who brought their jewellrey culture among them with their hindu culture of Ganja chillum and Sadhu drealocks and their curry goat and roti in Jamaica or around the West Indies.
Because to me it very Indian culture not African?

And then you hear the bling culture in Hip Hop, who the jamaicans from the west indies broght this from East Indians from India. because if you look at an average Afriacn man like a Nigerian, Sudanese, or Somalian they wont be wearing gold bracelets, bangles, chains or hoop earings?

I dont get what your trying to get at…you have answered your own question.

“Large deposits of gold in the Gold coast, now called Ghana made the use of this precious metal an integral part of life. From headbands to necklaces, earrings and arm bands and rings, the jewelers used gold heavily. It was even claimed that the King’s clothes were sprinkled with Gold dust. Many of the tribes in Ghana today are actively selling gold jewelry.
Up in the North of Africa, the Tuaregs are known for their distinctive African jewelry designs. This nomadic tribe adorn jewelry made of intricately designed silver pendants and wood beads.”

Urti Chillum

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