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dread extensions

My method of Dread extensions (Part 1)

A Functional Biology of Scyphozoa

A Functional Biology of Scyphozoa


As a group, the Scyphozoa are of interest to many people. Naturalists watch their graceful locomotion. Fishermen may dread the swarms which can prevent fishing or eat larval fish. Bathers retreat from the water if they are stung. People in some Asiatic countries eat the medusae. Comparative physiologists examine them as possibly simple models for the functioning of various systems. The present volume collates the data from investigations into these animals over the last thirty-five years into a functional biology of the Scyphozoa. The wide range of adaptive responses of these morphologically simple animals is emphasized. This book, the first of its type to be published since the 1970s, includes an extensive bibliography. It will be invaluable to anyone conducting research on scyphozoa and to students of marine zoology and comparative physiology.

A Surplus of Memory

A Surplus of Memory


In 1943, against utterly hopeless odds, the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto rose up to defy the Nazi horror machine that had set out to exterminate them. One of the leaders of the Jewish Fighting Organization, which led the uprisings, was Yitzhak Zuckerman, known by his underground pseudonym, Antek. Decades later, living in Israel, Antek dictated his memoirs. The Hebrew publication of Those Seven Years: 1939-1946 was a major event in the historiography of the Holocaust, and now Anteks memoirs are available in English. Unlike Holocaust books that focus on the annihilation of European Jews, Anteks account is of the daily struggle to maintain human dignity under the most dreadful conditions. His passionate, involved testimony, which combines detail, authenticity, and gripping immediacy, has unique historical importance. The memoirs situate the ghetto and the resistance in the social and political context that preceded them, when prewar Zionist and Socialist youth movements were gradually forged into what became the first significant armed resistance against the Nazis in all of occupied Europe. Antek also describes the activities of the resistance after the destruction of the ghetto, when 20,000 Jews hid in Aryan Warsaw and then participated in illegal immigration to Palestine after the war. The only extensive document by any Jewish resistance leader in Europe, Anteks book is central to understanding ghetto life and underground activities, Jewish resistance under the Nazis, and Polish-Jewish relations during and after the war. This extraordinary work is a fitting monument to the heroism of a people. *Author: Zuckerman, Yitzhak/ Harshav, Barbara/ Harshav, Barbara *Binding Type: Hardcover *Number of Pages: 708 *Publication Date: 1993/05/07 *Language: English *Dimensions: 9.31 x 6.29 x 1.74 inches

C2G 3.5mm Extension Stereo Audio Isolation Transformer - for Audio Device, Speaker - Extension Cable - 1 x Mini-phone Female Stereo Audio - 1 x Mini-phone Male Stereo Audio - Black - TAA Compliant

C2G 3.5mm Extension Stereo Audio Isolation Transformer – for Audio Device, Speaker – Extension Cable – 1 x Mini-phone Female Stereo Audio – 1 x Mini-phone Male Stereo Audio – Black – TAA Compliant


Every installation technician has faced it or soon will – the dreaded humming from the speakers, a telltale sign of a ground loop. Ground loops are caused by voltage potential differences at the ground point on your equipment. Voltages in the range of microvolts up to millivolts or higher can cause ground loops. Ground loops occur when multiple audio/video components are powered from different outlets, most commonly, outlets that are tied to different circuitbreakers or even a different secondary from the power transformer. Ground loops manifest themselves in the form of speaker hum. Our isolation transformer easily connects into your audio/video system and breaks the ground path through cables between components. Start at the component last installed before the ground loop was discovered, and connect the isolation transformer at different ends of the audio/video cable until the ground loop is gone.

Extended Oxygen Sensor Wrench

Extended Oxygen Sensor Wrench


A faulty oxygen sensor is the leading cause of the dreaded check engine light illuminating. Modern engines hove 2 to 4 sensors, so chances are sooner or later one will go bad, especially if they aren’t replaced periodically as part of ongoing maintenance. Worse, sensors are expensive as is the typical shop labor charge to change one. If you have the skills and access to change your own O2 sensor, here’s the perfect socket for the job. It features a 2 inch offset for added reach to grab hold of the sensor and loosening it securely. The 3/8 square drive is ready for use with an extension bar, ratchet or breaker bar. Since it meets or exceeds ANSI standards, you can confidently reef on it to break loose those fused-on sensors. Millions of Powerbuilt products are used every day around the globe, on the job, at home and in the garage. Powerbuilt tools are built with the performance, features, fit and finish to satisfy the most demanding users. No matter which Powerbuilt tool you select, you will enjoy the added confidence of knowing that all Powerbuilt tools and equipment meet or exceed applicable standards set by the US Government and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Ready to get serious? Get Powerbuilt tools! -2 inch offset adds options for reaching and turning oxygen O2 sensors -Fits 7/8 and 22mm O2 Sensors -Premium chrome vanadium steel construction -3/8 inch square drive for use with ratchet, breaker bar, extension bar etc. -Meets or exceeds ANSI standards.

Life Unlocked

Life Unlocked


Winner of a Books for a Better Life AwardMany people who find themselves “stuck” in life are vaguely aware that fear is responsible for holding them back. Whether it’s a fear of intimacy, mortality, success, or failure, the majority of us experience an inhibiting fear at some point in our lives. Naming these fears and examining them is critical to becoming aware of and, eventually, overcoming them. Life Unlocked – by Srinivasan S. Pillay, MD – draws from cutting-edge research in human psychology and neuroscience to illuminate the ways in which fear applies a brake to our movement through life. Informed by the latest breakthroughs in brain imaging and psychiatry, Dr. Pillay offers readers an enlightening understanding of how our brains work and physically process feelings of fear and anxiety. Based on this research, and his extensive clinical experience with patients, Dr. Pillay has developed 7 essential lessons to help move people past their fears:1. What you don’t know can hurt you2. Dread is not something you feel; it is something you attend to3. If it’s hard to change, it is not unchangeable4. We all know that we fear failure, but fear of success is equally relevant5. Attachments are not just crucial to survival; they affect your physiology6. Fear-based prejudice may register entirely outside of awareness7. Trauma can impact the developing brainIn Life Unlocked, Dr. Pillay examines a wide breadth of issues and shares real examples from his practice to show readers that when they are able to move past the things that limit them, they can truly unlock their potential, and their lives.

Sabrent WR-WN300 IEEE 802.11n Ethernet Wireless Router - 2.40 GHz ISM Band - 300 Mbps Wireless Speed - 1 x Network Port - 1 x Broadband Port - Fast Ethernet Wall Mountable

Sabrent WR-WN300 IEEE 802.11n Ethernet Wireless Router – 2.40 GHz ISM Band – 300 Mbps Wireless Speed – 1 x Network Port – 1 x Broadband Port – Fast Ethernet Wall Mountable


300Mbps Range ExtenderWR-WN300 is designed to vastly expand your coverage of your current existing wireless network. With speeds up to 300Mbps wireless 801.11n, this Extender is ideal for viewing High Definition (HD) video, music streaming, and even gaming. Extend Your RangeSabrent’s WR-WN300 Wi-fi Range Extender is designed to extend your wireless networks coverage and improve your wireless networks signal strength of your current existing wireless network in order to eliminate those dreaded dead zones. With 300Mbps wireless N speeds, Wall Pluggable Power, Range Extension button, small size and easy plug wall design, extending your wireless network has never been more simplified. What’s more, its dual 10/100 WAN ports allows the WR-WN300 Wi-Fi Extender to act as a wireless adapter in order to turn a wired Consumer Electronic into a wireless Consumer Electronic. Expand the coverage range of an existing wireless network: Setup with the push of a buttonSetup at your FingertipTo set up the Sabrent Wi-Fi Extender, users can simply push the WPS button on your Sabrent 2.4 GHZ 801.11N 300Mbps Wi-Fi Extender and within a couple of minutes simply push the Power button on the WR-WN300 Wi-Fi Extender to be up and running. You can also access the quick setup mode through the web browser-based user interface. Login credentials are retained internally after setup, allowing you to relocate as needed to generate your needed coverage. Wi-Fi Your Consumer ElectronicsAfter the Sabrent 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi Range Extender is set up you can easily conne

Txnxm1: The Anatomy and Clinics of Metastatic Cancer

Txnxm1: The Anatomy and Clinics of Metastatic Cancer


Although distant metastases are the most dreaded situation in the evolution of cancer of every organ, the medical literature has surprisingly given little attention to the anatomical relationship between the primary tumor and metastasic sites. Only risk factors, treatment possibilities, and survival results are extensively examined. Stimulated by the occurrence in his practice of some puzzling and unexpected metastases, the author reviewed more than 12,000 references. He looked for anatomical relationships highlighting the relation between the location of the primary tumors and the particular patterns of metastasis observed. It would seem that the pathways and flows are apparently a more decisive factor in the implantation of the metastases than the seed and soil properties of the cancer cells and the metastatic site. Aided by his colleague Dr. T. Geukens, M.D, the author includes original anatomical drawings, illustrating the sometimes unexpected pathways the cancer cells follow in order to reach the organs where they will become lodged and give rise to metastatic tumors. The subject has apparently not been exhausted in the literature and several ideas are given for further research. *Author: Debois, J.M. *Binding Type: Hardcover *Number of Pages: 768 *Publication Date: 2002/02/28 *Language: English *Dimensions: 10.00 x 7.01 x 1.56 inches

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