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Blonde Dreadlocks

November 3rd, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

blonde dreadlocks
peroxide blond dreadlocks die?

My M8 has dyed black dreadlocks, now sick of the color and tint blonde wants new, tryed normal marker and you just have teams of ginger, you can do, we have little money and really need something to do, it will be spectacular blonde, not really suit black! Please contact me as soon as possible, Thanks

Get hair from black to blonde is a very difficult process. The fact that her hair in dreadlocks is even more difficult. Bleach will not be able to penetrate hair properly and will be hell for rinsing. Even in the best case, the time required for black to proceed to blonde hair damage. Do you see a redhead right? How to go beyond the red as hell.

how my dreads are looking :]

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