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February 13th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

nepal sadhu
I am unable to handle multitasking with my brain. Any suggestions?

At the exact moment my telephone rings and my wife wants to know how best to cook the ladyfinger curry, my Boss on the intercom wants to know the progress on the Action plan 2007-08, and there are 101 problems I ranked Priority – 1 demanding attention and action all at the same time.
Will you believe it – I am required to be extremely correct, polite and brilliant in all my answers just to remain alive in this skin God gave me?
Now what other measures besides running away to Nepal disguised as a Naga sadhu, or after downing two ‘Salty Dogs’ giving a sound tongue lashing to my Boss and the wife, would you suggest for me to live on?

take a break,be your natural self ,it hurts &stress is built when u r not urself.

Nepal a holy Sadhu takes a bath in the holy river Bagmati

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