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Grateful Dead Hour

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grateful dead hour

Grateful Dead – Midnight Hour (1986-03-24) Philly Spectrum

Bartlett Ave. Productions BAR-005 A Frog Named Sam Children's Music CD

Bartlett Ave. Productions BAR-005 A Frog Named Sam Children’s Music CD


Instant classic and family favorite A Frog Named Sam is Ben Rudnick and Friends seventh recording. with sustained airplay lead by Sirius/XM radio and a must-see youTube video for the title song SAM has made friends all across America. QUOTES: On the title track alone the funky vocal breakdown is worth the price of admission. Time Out New York Kidsamp: .very Widespread Panic-ish or like Phish! I have heard this a billion times and still like it. Daddy Brad: Little Deadheads! The tracks from the Grateful Dead influenced kiddie jam band are groovy. Parenting Magazineamp: .he and the band are so musically gifted that they almost create their own style of music. Dave Loftin Chattanooga Parent Paperamp. If I was allowed only one CD to bring on a 3 hour road trip this would be the one. Mustapha – WHUS Storrs CT AWARDS Recommended by the Parentsamp. Choice Foundation Fall 2009.parents-choice. Orgi Parenting Media Awards 2009 Excellent Productive parenting Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Fathers Day 2009 Mr. Dad Website Creative Child Awards Program 2009 Preferred Choice Award SONG LISTA Frog Named Sam. 3: 28 Race Car – 3: 13 Three Little Fishes – 3: 10 Benapos;s Jig – 2: 52 Drink It Up – 2: 19 I Need a Hand – 3: 06 The Santa Fe – 2: 36 Johnapos;s Jig – 2: 01 Erie Canal – 3: 16 Old Joe Clark – 3: 21 Greensleeves – 3: 40.

Grateful Dead - Dancing Skeletons - Watch

Grateful Dead – Dancing Skeletons – Watch


A brilliant white face is embellished with the classic row of Dancing Skeletons in orange, yellow and green. Chrome hour and minute hands are highlighted by a bright red lightning bolt second hand. the stylish case encloses a Japanese quartz movement and is water resistant to 30 meters. A fine, black leather band finishes this fantastic timepiece.”

Grateful Dead Men's Midnight Hour Tie Dye T-shirt XX-Large Multi

Grateful Dead Men’s Midnight Hour Tie Dye T-shirt XX-Large Multi


New Years Eve & Logo With Steal Your Face Art/In The Midnight Hour Dec. 31, 1990 – Jan. 1, 1991 Go Capricornius – Tie Dyes Are Made With Fiber Reactive Dyes Which Become Part Of The Actual Cloth Fibers, Making Them Colorfast And Vibrant For Much Longer Wear Than Most Tie Dyes On The Market. Our Tie Dyes Are Hand-Dyed And Variations Will Occur.

Hal Leonard Revolver: How The Beatles Re-Imagined Rock 'n' Roll

Hal Leonard Revolver: How The Beatles Re-Imagined Rock ‘n’ Roll


Robert Rodriguez’s Revolver: How the Beatles Re-Imagined Rock ‘n’ Roll is an in-depth look at the storied recording and enormous impact of one of the most influential albums from one of the most beloved bands in history. Acquired wisdom has always put Sgt. Pepper at the head of the class, but it was Revolver that truly signaled The Beatles’ sea change from a functional band to a studio-based ensemble. These changes began before Rubber Soul, but came to fruition on Revolver, which took an astonishing 300 hours to produce, far more than any rock record before it. The making of Revolver – hunkered down in Abbey Road with George Martin – is in itself a great Beatles story, but would be nothing if the results weren’t so impactful. More than even Sgt. Pepper and Pet Sounds, Revolver fed directly into the rock ‘n’ roll zeitgeist, and its influence could be heard everywhere: from the psychedelic San Francisco sound (Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead); to the first wave of post-blues hard rock (Sabbath, Zeppelin); through movie soundtracks and pretty much everything that followed it – including every generation of guitar-based pop music and even heavy metal. More than any record before or after, Revolver was the game-changer. Revolver: How the Beatles Re-Imagined Rock ‘n’ Roll is it’s story.

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