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Understanding Hair Loss – Understanding The Difference Between Fact And Myth

Many people suffer from hair loss, but it is a problem that is treatable in a variety of ways. There are many procedures and products that can be used for hair loss, and some of them are only hype, but others actually work. It is bad enough that you are losing your hair, but having to deal with what is true, and what is a myth or misconception about hair loss only makes it worse.

Thick healthy hair, according to some myths today, is possible if you cut it regularly so that it will grow back thicker than ever. So to get thick hair, or prevent hair loss from occurring, many people will do something extreme like shave their heads every day. In most cases, their hair will not grow back thick. What tends to happen is people realize that this activity has absolutely nothing to do with preventing hair loss or improving their hair. Hair often appears thicker after it’s been cut because the thickest part of your hair is at the base. But as it starts to grow, it will be the same thickness as it was before you cut it. Wearing hats, headbands or scarves may make your head uncomfortable if they are too tight, but they probably won’t cause your hair to fall out. The idea behind why this may contribute to hair loss is that your circulation is being cut off, therefore your scalp does not have enough oxygen for the hair. The health of your hair is actually dependent upon the amount of oxygen that the follicles receive from your bloodstream. So while it’s generally healthier and more comfortable not to wear anything tight on your head, this is not an actual cause of hair loss.

If you have hair loss, and you have tried products to help stop your receding hairline, and it didn’t work, you will be among millions that are discouraged in regard to these so-called solutions. The trick is finding the hair loss products that actually can help you with your situation. Medications that are prescribed for hair loss are among the many few that actually do work. Hair transplant surgery is an excellent option for those that have tried other medically based alternatives. You can opt for laser treatments that can actually prevent or reverse hair loss you already have. As you can see, there are many different options available so do not lose hope thinking your hair loss problem is not repairable.

For many years, researchers have concluded that hair loss originates in many ways. Hair loss can occur at any age, though older people seem to have it more often. There are many false beliefs going about in regard to hair loss and why it occurs. Others are true some of the time, but not all of the time. You simply need to identify whether or not it is male or female pattern baldness, or something else that is going on.

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