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Dread Head Shampoo

December 17th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Which is better for dreads, gel or wax?

I am African-American and my hair at the roots is very naturally wavy (been natural over a year now) yet the ends are puffy and tightly curled/nappy. Lastnight my girl tried to start my dreads using a comb and twirling it tightly to my head with some locking gel, (something she saw on youtube.com) however it didn’t work well and my hair started turning into raincurls. I like the method she was using as they form very smooth dreads, the gel had my hair ridicuously wet (I think she mayhave used too much) but I was wondering if made wax would be better? Trying again Sunday.

yes! wax will work better. it bonds the hair together more.

ps. if you are planning on washing your dreads use dread head shampoo!!


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